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Natural Energy

Natural Energy

Hydrate Powder

Hydrate Powder





All Day Routine

All Day Routine






This blend is designed for sustained athletic performance and as a replacement to high sugar, high caffeine energy drinks or coffee. Take hot or cold before or during exercise. Using Yerba Mate and Green Tea to use fat rather than muscles for energy results in a more sustainable release of energy. Spearmint and Gotu Kola also enhance cognitive performance, specifically by improving reactive agility and mental acuity. Take hot or cold. 


Chinese Sencha Green Tea (1,080mg)

Yerba Maté (240mg)

Spearmint (40mg)

Siberian Ginseng

Schizandra berries

Gotu Kola


Nutritional information 

Caffeine - 14mg

Calories - 0g

Fat - <0.5g

Carbohydrates <0.5g

Protein <0.5g

Salt - 0.01g

Product Deep Dive 

Chinese Sencha Green Tea

Green Tea is respected as the healthiest source of caffeine available. It is associated with a calmer energy boost, avoiding the crash that your coffee inevitably brings whilst increasing adrenaline and perceived fatigue. Green Tea contains the unique polyphenol EGCG, a powerful antioxidant associated with increased metabolism and free radical fighting properties.

Yerba Maté

This South American wonder is known as the ‘Drink of the Gods’. Yerba mate provides a slow release energy boost without the jitters associated with coffee or sugar based drinks, creating a calm and focused athlete. Found to aid digestion and increase cardiovascular oxygenation during athletic performance.

Siberian Ginseng

Discovered in the Eastern corner of Siberia, this plant has been used for centuries to increase energy and improve cognition. Russia’s best kept secret?

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is known to increase the flow of blood throughout the body, leaving physical and mental performance enhanced.

Schizandra Berries

The Chinese name for this super berry, “wu-wei-zu,” means “five taste fruit”. This powerful herbal adaptogen is known to increase energy, endurance and resistance to stress.


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