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Natural Energy

Natural Energy

Hydrate Powder

Hydrate Powder





All Day Routine

All Day Routine




Your questions answered!


What is Mission?
Who is Mission for?
Which tea is for me and when should I take it?
Do you have any samples?
Do Mission teabags contain plastic?
Can I recycle the packaging?
Do you have a newsletter I can sign up to?
How did Mission start?


What is the Build Your Own Box?
What is the All Day Routine?
Can I have them hot or cold? What’s the difference?
Do your teas contain caffeine?
Are the teas for work, exercise or relaxing?
How much liquid should I use?
Are the teas batch tested?
My Sleep blend isn’t dissolving when I use hot water or hot milk, do you have a solution?
Where does the energy come from?

Nutrition and Medical

Do any of your teas contain sugar?
Are Mission teas gluten free and dairy free?
Are Mission teas vegan?
Are Mission teas 100% natural?
If I’m pregnant or breastfeeding can I drink Mission?
Can I drink Mission products if I’m diabetic?

Orders and Subscriptions

When will I receive my order?
Can I change my order including products or delivery address?
I need to access my account but can’t log in
Do you offer returns?
How do I edit my Build Your Own Box?
How can I amend or cancel my subscription?
Will I save more money if I subscribe?
Do you ship worldwide?

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