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Natural Energy





All Day Routine

All Day Routine




4 reasons to try Mission in 2022

In 2019, our Founder Tom Whittle launched a range of unique hot + cold teas to boost energy, performance + recovery. Since then our teas have been taken over four million times or, as we like to say, fuelled over four million extraordinary moments!

Here’s why you should try Mission for yourself.

We’re solving the world’s caffeine problem

Strong words, we know, but we believe that the world has a caffeine problem. Thanks to the huge popularity of coffee and energy drinks, too much caffeine is too readily available, and people are consuming far too much of it – with not very fun consequences! We want to do something about this.

Our bestselling coffee alternative Energise is helping more and more people dodge caffeine’s nasty side effects. With 14mg of caffeine in each Energise teabag, we allow you to take the more sustainable, little and often approach to caffeine – leading to no side effects while leaving room for a daily coffee too!

We have something for every person + goal

Whether you want to Perform better or Recover harder, Energise your day or Hydrate post-workout, find a deeper state of Calm or enhance your Sleep, our range of six teas are totally different from one to the next in ingredients, taste + benefits.

And, with big plans in place to continue expanding, there’s plenty more to come!

We’re people + planet first

Our teas work the way they do because of the natural gifts our ingredients provide. Mission is rooted in nature and, within an industry known for its unsustainability, we want to work as hard as possible to help preserve it!

We use plastic-free teabags and right now we’re trialling fully compostable packaging – not forgetting also that we’re pledging to be free of single-use plastics before July 2022! And when it comes to the ingredients we use, we only source from estates and farms where sustainability + social standards are taken seriously.

Our customers love us

We’re unashamed to say that people who have tried our teas love them! Why are we always receiving great reviews? Well, we’re always asking for feedback, listening to it + improving the way we do things. Of course it helps that our teas taste great + work!

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