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All Day Routine

All Day Routine




The Quick Guide to Mission's Tea Blends

We've put together a quick guide to Mission's tea blends including information about what each blend is, who should be drinking it, when you can drink it and why you should be taking it.

Hot & Cold Brews To Aid Energy, Hydration, Focus, Recovery And Sleep. 100% Natural Teas To Optimise Mind & Body. Perfect For Home, Exercise Or Work.
Written by: Ellie Bilsland 05 October 2021

We've been asked by our customers to provide a quick guide to our blends and some key information on each one so here's a breakdown below...Leave a comment if you have any questions or get in touch with us at For more detailed information on each product head over to our Nutrition tab! 

Happy reading...


Green Tea / Cocoa + Ginger

What? Coffee and energy drink replacement.

Who? Anyone needing greater productivity + concentration whilst working

When? In the morning or afternoon 

Why? Slow release energy, Improved cognitive efficiency, Immunity boost

"The perfect coffee replacement to kickstart the morning." - (Trustpilot)


Yerba Maté Tea / Lemongrass + Mint

What? Pre- or mid workout drink with slow release energy

Who? Anyone looking for improved athletic performance

When? Pre or mid workout before 7pm

Why? Slow release energy, Improved cognition, Enhanced endurance

"Sustainable energy throughout my workout without any sugar rush or crash." - (Trustpilot)


Yerba Maté Tea / Peppermint + Chilli

What? A low caffeine tea with nootropic ingredients to improve mental clarity

Who? Anyone looking for improved cognition / productivity 

When? Throughout the day 

Why? Improved cognition, reduced mental fatigue 

"Slow caffeine release keeps you focused for hours unlike the highs and lows of coffee." - (Trustpilot)


Matcha Powder / Orange + Yerba Maté

What? Pre- or mid workout drink with slow release energy

Who? Athletes and anyone who wants better hydration.

When? Pre or mid workout before 7pm

Why? Slow release energy, Improved cognition, Improved hydration 

"Perfect for extra natural electrolytes and for staying hydrated during long workouts." - (Trustpilot)


Rooibos Tea / Berry + Ashwagandha

What? Post workout or all day caffeine-free drink

Who? Anyone wanting to soothe mind + body

When? In the morning or afternoon

Why? Decreased muscle soreness, Decreased stress, Enhanced recovery

"My go-to post workout drink to reduce muscle aches and pains after a run." - (Trustpilot)


Rooibos Tea / Cocoa + Ashwagandha

What? A Rooibos based blend designed to promote relaxation 

Who? Anyone wanting to destress + relax

When? In the morning, afternoon or evening 

Why? Soothed body + mind, Decreased Stress, Reduced Inflammation  

"The calm is my favorite because of the taste and it helps me fall asleep better." - (Trustpilot)


HERBAL TEA / Coconut + Lavender

What? Herbal tea with anxiety-reducing benefits to improve your sleep

Who? Anyone wanting to feel more relaxed and sleep better

When? Evenings

Why? Improved Sleep, Reduced inflammation, Decreased Anxiety 

"The sleep tea is my favourite, and it definitely helps me get back to sleep if I wake up in the night." - (Trustpilot)


Rooibos Powder / Turmeric + Lavender

What? Sleep enhancing blend which can also be taken as a latte (use any milk)

Who? Anyone wanting to sleep better to improve energy during the day

When? Evenings

Why? Improved sleep, Enhanced recovery, Decreased muscle soreness

"A regular part of my evening routine - the tea improves my sleep quality and helps with a good night's sleep." - (Trustpilot)

What is Yerba Mate?

Throughout our time in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, we saw first hand the nations’ obsession with this super-brew. It is by far the most popular drink on the continent and Luis Suarez, Lionel Messi Neymar Jr., and most recently the England football team all swear by it. Here’s why.


How to improve your quality of sleep

We all have times where we experience a bad night's sleep, and after speaking to our most loyal customers and friends, this confirmed why our award-winning Sleep blend is one of our most beneficial products in the range.


Exercise + Its impact on the immune system

You already know that exercise is good for you, but do you know just how good? Research into the benefits of exercise is only just scratching the surface. There is solid evidence of its physical + mental benefits, but more people need to realise just how crucial exercise is for the immune system


Support your energy levels from all angles.

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