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Natural Energy

Natural Energy

Hydrate Powder

Hydrate Powder





All Day Routine

All Day Routine






This blend is designed to be taken at the start of the day as a replacement to coffee. Creates a calm and steady natural energy release with Green Tea, whilst Beetroot and Cocoa Nibs improve bloodflow to the brain. Ginger also provides a great boost to your immunity.


Chinese Chunmee Green Tea (880mg)

Cocoa Nibs (320mg)

Ginger (320mg)



Green Cardamom

Nutritional information 

Caffeine - 12mg

Calories - 0g

Fat - <0.5g

Carbohydrates <0.5g

Protein <0.5g

Salt - <0.5g

Product deep dive 

Chunmee Green Tea 

Green Tea is respected as the healthiest source of caffeine available. It is associated with a calmer energy boost, avoiding the crash that your coffee inevitably brings whilst increasing adrenaline and perceived fatigue. Green Tea contains the unique polyphenol EGCG, a powerful antioxidant associated with increased metabolism and free radical fighting properties.


Ginger is known to aid digestion and associated with decreased muscle soreness from exercise due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Gingerol, the bioactive substance in fresh Ginger, can also help lower the risk of infections.

Cocoa Nibs

Carrying a small amount of caffeine and more antioxidant power than both blueberries and goji berries makes Cocoa Nibs the perfect ingredient for kickstarting the day. Cocoa is also rich in polyphenols, which improves brain function.


Nitrates in beets improve mental and cognitive function by promoting the dilation of blood vessels and thus increasing blood flow to the brain

Green Cardamom

Green Cardamom is a member of the Ginger family and well known to aid digestion. It gets its reputation as a mild stimulant from cineole, a substance which stimulates the central nervous system.


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