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Natural Energy

Natural Energy





All Day Routine

All Day Routine




6 ways Mission improves your performance


What do premier league footballers, GB athletes and F1 drivers have in common? They're fuelled by Mission. Committed to optimising the lives of others, Mission creates hot + cold performance teas designed to create a natural, slow release of energy. We believe this is the best way to fuel something extraordinary. 
The Performance Bundle has everything you need to enhance your sporting performance. It contains:
  • 20 Perform teabags: A Yerba Maté and Green Tea blend, with Spearmint and Lemongrass, designed to enhance physical and mental performance.
  • 20 Hydrate Matcha sticks: A Yerba Maté and Matcha Green Tea powder with orange tones and Himalayan Pink Salts to improve your hydration and cognition.
  • A FREE Mission sports bottle so you can enjoy Hydrate + Perform on the go. 
The perfect gift to yourself or for a friend who loves their training. Here are six other reasons why you should give the Performance Bundle a go! Available for a limited time only. Ends 4th May 2022.

1. Consume the optimum amount of caffeine to be your best

We’re the only tea or coffee company in the world to measure the amount of caffeine in our blends. With 12mg of caffeine in each Hydrate Matcha Powder and Perform teabag, we allow you to take the more sustainable, little and often approach to caffeine – leading to no side effects and room still for a daily coffee!

2. Avoid the crash with slow-release caffeine

The caffeine in these blends comes from Yerba Maté in both, also Matcha Green Tea in Hydrate and Chinese Sencha Green Tea in Perform. Green tea is high in L-Theanine, which slows the rate at which we process caffeine. This results in a much calmer, focused + slower release of caffeine and the feeling of a natural energy boost compared to the crash that comes from coffee and sugar based energy drinks to fuel performance.

3. Simple and easy to make on the go

All you have to do to make these blends is: grab a bottle, fill it with cold water, chuck in your powder or teabag, shake and go! This incredibly easy way is favoured by our Team GB athletes, runners, cyclists and those who train regularly to sustain their energy + hydration levels.

4. Don’t rely purely on caffeine for energy

At Mission, we understand that there’s far more to energy than caffeine: we source the best possible natural ingredients to enhance your sporting performance.

Perform is blended with nootropic ingredients such as Spearmint and Gotu Kola, so you can be on top of your game in every element.

Hydrate is blended with a host of electrolyte-rich ingredients such as Baobab and Himalayan Pink Salts which enables you to maintain optimal metabolic function.


5. We’re used by the world’s best

Our teas are used by Premier League football clubs, the England Cricket Team, F1 racing teams, hundreds of GB athletes + thousands of everyday people pushing to better themselves. No one gets paid – they use our blends because they really work!

6. If you don’t feel results you’ll get your money back

It’s as simple as that. If after 30 days on the routine you just aren’t feeling it, we’ll give you a full refund.


Limited time only. Ends 4th May 2022.

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