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Natural Energy

Natural Energy





All Day Routine

All Day Routine




How We Got Here:


The Mass Over Consumption of Caffeine & Sugar

In 2016 l left my job in law to cycle the length of South America for charity. When needing extra energy back in the office and now on the bike, I, like many of us, turned to coffee and energy drinks to save the day. All that ever happened was a vicious cycle of energy crashes and poor sleep, leaving me needing more and more caffeine.

A More Natural & Sustainable Way

Things transformed when, inspired by Leo Messi's routine in Argentina, I discovered Yerba Mate and other herbal teas - they provided a slower, more sustainable release of energy. Suddenly I was finishing a day on the bike with physical and mental energy to spare. The idea for Mission was born and arriving back in the UK, I linked up with nutritionists and master blenders to create a batch of performance teas. Keen to put them to the test, I travelled to Iceland to attempt to run the length of the country. Mission would replace coffees and gels. With our new hot and cold brew teas, I felt no dependence on caffeine and sugar and my energy levels felt consistent when tested. I ran 17 marathons in 10 days, setting a new Guinness World Record for the fastest crossing of the country. I felt then as I do now - incredibly excited by how many people could benefit from more consistent energy levels and the extraordinary things this could allow them to achieve. This is the reason we exist.

The Journey Since Launch

Since Mission started, we are proud to have fuelled hundreds of professional athletes - from premier league football clubs and GB athletes to F1 drivers and the England football, rugby and cricket teams. No athlete is paid - they use our products because they genuinely work. As well as offering our range of hot + cold brew teas and energy drinks online, you can find us on Amazon and in a number of retail stores (see below).


We're Just Getting Started

Mission is a small, London based businesses with a huge ambition - to become the world's leading natural energy brand. Thanks so much for being part of our community and helping us to change the way the world fuels. If you have any feedback or think we can improve in anyway, please don't hesitate to reach out on

Fuel something extraordinary!




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