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Hydration - the basics

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Written by: Ellie Bilsland 01 September 2022
Your hydration questions, answered.

Across the population, many people are dehydrated without even realising. What’s worse is just a 2% decrease in hydration levels can impair performance - be that focus, fatigue or physical exertion.

Staying on top of hydration is a surprisingly difficult task. Thirst actually kicks in when we are already a little dehydrated, so it is important to try and get into a more proactive hydration approach - rather than reactive - aiming for sipping little and often. The thirst response also varies across different stages in life:

  • Young children may not be able to tell they are thirsty
  • Older adults have a weaker thirst response. It is common for this age group to not consume enough fluids.
These groups need more support/guidance when it comes to drinking regularly and staying hydrated.

While a hugely important aspect of hydration is making sure you take enough fluids on board, it is also the quality of the fluids, and ensuring you are consuming sources of electrolytes too.

Electrolytes: substances that have a natural positive or negative electrical charge when dissolved in water. They help your body regulate chemical reactions, maintain the balance between fluids inside and outside your cells, and more.

The recommended guidelines are between 6-8 glasses of water per day. This can vary depending on things like the weather and physical activity. Being aware of this and adjusting your fluid intake is key! While water is a great choice as it hydrates you without any sugars, when fluid loss is higher (e.g. when sweating more), other fluid sources should be considered. Fruit juices/smoothies and sports drinks are also good options as they have vitamins and minerals and electrolytes but should be consumed in moderation due to their high sugar content.

It may surprise you to learn that we get an average of a fifth of our daily water intake from food. Fruits and vegetables are usually more than 80% water, and are also rich in essential vitamins/minerals, so are a great way to support your hydration levels.

For the best of both worlds, our teas are a great option for a sugar free drink with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and all the other goodness that comes from our 100% natural ingredients.

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