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All Day Routine




Welcome to the Mission Blog.

Here you can find regular updates on what we care about most: Fuelling Extraordinary, Community, Science + Nutrition.

What is Yerba Mate?

Pronounced yer-bah mah-tay. It is a natural stimulant known to enhance memory, mood + alertness, with lower amounts of caffeine. Learn more about the leaf that has taken the nutrition world by storm.
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coffee beans, ground coffee, latte

3 Reasons to be aware of your caffeine intake

06 July 2023
It’s clear there are benefits of consuming caffeine: alertness and increased dopamine, that is why it is so widely consumed and why we use a little in our blends too.
ripple in the water

Anxiety + nutrition

16 May 2023
Whether you experience it constantly, or in bouts, anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems. In a recent survey, a quarter of adults said they felt so...
woman stretching

Pillars of Recovery

05 May 2023
Recovery is one of the biggest sectors of performance, and with good reason. It has such an impact on performance if done well, and likewise, not taking recovery seriously can have detrimental long and short term effects.
coffee beans on table next to black americano

Hidden sources of caffeine

22 February 2023
Caffeine can be found naturally or added to other products you wouldn’t necessarily expect. These could be impacting your energy levels or your sleep, so are great to be aware of! Read to learn about these hidden sources of caffeine.
man drinking coffee looking distressed

Why we get the jitters from a big caffeine hit

07 February 2023
Off the back of our no coffee challenge, this spotlight talks through why some of us experience the nastier side effects of high caffeine doses from coffee and energy drinks....

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Nutrition to support your immune system this winter

Nutrition to support your immune system this winter

01 December 2022
Following my newsletter last month featuring my immune supporting recommendations, many of you asked for more details to help you this winter...
man running towards mountain. Sunset sky

Endurance events - fact vs fiction

22 September 2022
The performance world is a tough one to navigate. There are some common 'facts' that need addressing. Hope this is helpful ahead of any upcoming events you guys have!
man running across a zebra crossing

Runner's Bundle + our new partners, RUNNA!

16 September 2022
We are so excited by our new partnership with Runna! Read the science behind our new Runner's bundle here.
monesterra leaf above a glass with water in

Hydration - the basics

01 September 2022
Your hydration questions, answered.Why?Across the population, many people are dehydrated without even realising. What’s worse is just a 2% decrease in hydration levels can impair performance - be that focus,...
birds eye view of citrus fruit

How to eat in the heat

11 August 2022

The heat can be testing and - especially in the UK - something we are not all used to! For the days when the heat still gets a one-up on us, I have pulled together some handy tips on how you can use nutrition to your advantage. 

pouring natural ice-tea into a glass

Have you tried cold tea?

07 July 2022
Time to upgrade your water. Try swapping out your usual refrigerated drinks for one of our cold blends - notice how much better you feel. Packed full of goodness for your mind + body, read for our favourite ways to feel extraordinary, summer edition.
woman drinking a green smoothie

Gut Health 101 - the basics

09 June 2022

Gut health - the health trend that has taken the nutrition industry by storm. If this is something you’ve always been curious about, but never found where to start or understood what it all means, read here for the basics on gut health. 

spoons full of herbs including yerba mate and ginkgo biloba

Focus: why we made it + ingredient deep dive

31 March 2022
We are so excited about the launch of our new delicious Focus blend! Here is a  handy blog on why we made Focus, what is in the blend and why. Give it a read here to get your tastebuds (and your brain!) excited for launch day.

A Guide to Caffeine Consumption

We want more people to be aware of what caffeine is, what it does to us, what it means to over consume it, and much, much more. So, we’ve pulled together a guide on caffeine consumption.
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